Grwp Resilience

Future-proofing communities

Grwp Resilience Pembrokeshire is a grassroots organization in Wales, dedicated to fostering resilience, sustainability, and social cohesion within communities. By collaborating with local citizens, Grwp Resilience actively engages in projects addressing societal and environmental challenges, empowering residents to take charge of their future through workshops, sustainable projects, and dialogue platforms.

Building Resilience

  • We build community resilience to challenges and crises by resourcing and empowering those affected by the challenges.
  • We work across the fields of business, the voluntary sector, environment and climate, health, technology, democracy, policy, and international relations. 
  • We seek to implement the goals and principles of Wales Future Generation Act.
  • Through our work, we help the transition out of fossil fuels.
  • Although our work to date has been in Pembrokeshire we partner with organisations in neighbouring counties and beyond.  
  • Grwp Resilience is a small organisation with many partners, affiliates and offshoots. 
  • From 2021 to 2024 we have supported 20 community food gardens and helped six of them set up from scratch. All are independently run by their growers
  • We supported five food festivals and initiated three of them. All are independently run by local groups.
  • So far, we have used public funding, ensuring it reaches the people making the difference. 
  • Celebratory events, tours, conferences, courses and skill tasters all contribute to the work. Even fundraising gigs.

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