Grwp bought its first electric van for sharing this Spring. Ifan E-van is an electric Nissan NV200 made back in the mists of 2015.

He is being trialled by businesses to help them assess the suitability of electric vehicles for their businesses supplying local customers.

Ifan is a short range vehicle, covering about 70 of our hilly miles. We suggest people think 50 miles to allow for loads, inefficient driving and to avoid that dreaded range anxiety.

Short range is also to prepare for a sensible local economy for the basics such as getting the gardener, plumber or builder to their local jobs or delivering the town or village’s bread, veg or milk from a neighbouring producer.

Ifan was only £5,500, so we need £50 a week coming in, and this will just about cover running costs and replacement in four years. Electric vans have few bills, just body work and wheel related repairs. There’s no tax. Insurance is £400 for any driver delivering a sustainable future.

In rural Wales we can grow food, building materials, and produce energy from our lively weather. Transport is often the missing link to a joined up economy, cultural and social life for sustainability and fulfilment

We aim to grow the seeds of the future in the body of the dying world. Ifan is our first born to bridge the transport gap which is regularly pointed out in meetings and business surveys. We would love to get more vehicles, more affordable future facing transport. Then follow that with renewables to feed the fleet, working out where they should go and how to afford them, how to match fuel need with production and storage.

We are not there, we are still deep in supermarket global economy corporation country. Fossil fuels are still king. They will end as they are being consumed at a phenomenal rate and are not being produced. They were created during one era of earth’s history and we have squandered this one-off year gift, made during 100 million of the earth’s 4.5 thousand million years of existence, most burned up in the 70 years of my lifetime.

Destroying much of the liveable planet is the long term consequence of this unbelievable short term greed.

For all our team brains and ingenuity, collectively we are way worse than savages. Or is it our rulers sacrificing everyone’s future for their short term greed and dominance, what conspiracy is in play? Honestly I wonder. Looking at Gaza there are no limits.

Ifan E-van has in his few months with us stayed with six businesses and carried milk, candles, car body parts, veg, music studio instruments and equipment and bread. He is still doing the rounds of small businesses to build long term sustainable relationships.

Get in touch if your business wants to get to know our pride and joy.