There’s an opportunity to learn and watch the installation of submersible pump with solar panels and battery to power it, to irrigate an allotment site in Fishguard on 25th June in the morning. Get in touch with Grwp Resilience to come along.

With increasingly erratic weather, water is a threat as well as the basis for life. Too much damages growth and impedes access, but too little at the wrong times of year is fatal.

Solar PV pumps are most productive when there is least rain, the sun and irrigation is a marriage made in heaven. Photovoltaics produce electricity from any amount of light. My neighbour recounted waking up when the moon was very bright and being puzzled by the sound of slow dripping. It was the solar pump activated by moonlight.

A modest array and small pump can trickle feed storage containers for use when the gardener is present, or an automated system can trickle feed pants, matching soft rain. Jack of Little Green Planet, Fishguard, who is installing is putting together an irrigation package of pump, panels, battery and paraphernalia to help food production on its way to free itself of fossil fuels.

Grwp Resilience funds community and food growing, including solar pv irrigation systems.