Building Resilience in the Community


Grwp Resilience Pembrokeshire hosts a variety of engaging festivals and events that bring the community together and celebrate local culture. From celebratory events and tours to conferences, courses, and skill tasters, these activities are designed to foster community spirit and resilience. Fundraising gigs and other social gatherings further support the organization's initiatives by raising awareness and resources for their projects.

Newport Food Festival Closing Party

At the heart of Grwp Resilience Pembrokeshire's mission is the empowerment and support of community groups. The organization works closely with various local groups to provide resources, training, and opportunities for collaboration. By facilitating these connections, we help community members to address common challenges and develop solutions that are tailored to their unique needs


Grwp Resilience Pembrokeshire is committed to building a green local economy that prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship. Through initiatives such as community gardens and sustainable food projects, the organization encourages local enterprises to adopt eco-friendly practices. By fostering a green economy, Grwp Resilience ensures that economic growth and environmental conservation go hand in hand.

Newport Food Festival, Grand Food Fair, Newport Hall.

Grwp Resilience Pembrokeshire is dedicated to fostering resilience within the local community by equipping individuals and groups with the skills and resources needed to navigate and overcome challenges. The organization focuses on building community well-being through initiatives that promote social cohesion, environmental stewardship, and economic sustainability.


Havergardd is one of seven urban community gardens that Grwp Resilience started in Pembrokeshire since 2022.

Each is unique but all are run by their growers with their own organisation.

The urgency for people to have land to work on is growing. To eat well, to be well and feel sane, to not be alone. Urban land should be given back to people for our resilience.

Nature is a room we need to get back into. Its amazing what is created, what skills people develop, as if they always had them without knowing.

The land around towns should be kept for uses like this. We are working with Social Farms and Gardens to change the planning rules to make it possible.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a cornerstone of Grwp Resilience’s efforts to strengthen and unite local communities. These gardens provide more than just fresh produce; they serve as a vital space for social interaction, skill-building, and environmental education. 

By fostering a sense of ownership and cooperation, community gardens help residents build resilience against economic and social challenges. Participants benefit from reduced stress, improved mental health, and increased physical activity, all while cultivating a deeper connection with nature and their neighbours. 

Through these initiatives, Grwp Resilience not only addresses food insecurity but also promotes community cohesion and environmental stewardship, making it a pivotal force in the local area.

Come and Join us.

Where are we?

Cambrian Pl, Haverfordwest SA61 1TU

Opening times

Monday 4-6 PM; Friday 12:30 – 3:00 PM

Come and join us at the gardens, meet new people and make a contribution to your local community.