In December 2021, Enhancing Pembrokeshire gave us a grant to improve and grow the county’s allotments, community farms and gardens.

Searching the county has so far uncovered 25 growing projects! Not counting the council allotments.

They range from mature to a twinkle in the eye. They are diverse, from traditional allotments to a veterans’ first stab at horticulture. Some focus on tranquillity, some on education some on wood, some on protein rich beans. There is even a community food garden in the sea.

We are researching their needs. Seven projects met on zoom to explore working together. Other meetings focussed on the search for land and how to develop it.

Grwp Resilience secured £17,000 as part of the Repair Network Pembrokeshire. This will buy: A supply of electricity with solar PV and a compost loo for a growing site, three contrasting organisations to run repair workshops for tools, bikes and clothing and a generous shed for gardeners to gather, have tea and workshops, share seeds, ideas and equipment.  

The enthusiasm among the projects to collaborate and help each other felt like spring sun.

There is so much more to do!