Sir Sero Conference and Exhibition took place on May 13, 2022, at Haverhub in Haverfordwest. Supported by the Community Renewal Fund, and held in partnership with the West Wales Climate Coalition, this event aimed to establish a Community Plan for a resilient Carbon-Free County, uniting individuals and organisations committed to a sustainable future.

Throughout the day, guests engaged in insightful talks, discussion circles, and activities across Haverhub’s versatile facilities. Attendees had the chance to explore our green and nature-based businesses.

At 3pm, a thought-provoking discussion unfolded, featuring diverse perspectives on transitioning away from a fossil fuel-based economy. Notable guest speakers included Cllr. Mike Stoddart, who presented an alternative viewpoint, Cllr. Cris Tomos, Steve Keating, the lead officer for sustainability and net-zero initiatives, and activist Sian Vaughan, sparking meaningful conversations. Following this, there was a grass-roots democracy session, where attendees initiated a community plan for a zero-carbon and resilient county, contributing ideas and suggestions for a sustainable future.

A range of people and organisations shared their innovative initiatives throughout the day. Steve Keating, responsible for zero-carbon efforts at Pembrokeshire County Council, shared valuable insights. Tim Brew (PCF) discussed upcoming marine energy projects. Little Green Planet demonstrated solar thermal technology, Cornerwood showcased green wood crafts, and Ty Pren offered hands-on experiences in wood house construction. Attendees explored the Riversimple hydrogen car and witnessed the fascinating process of Clynfyw Worm Farming. Jones the Thatch shared the story of ancient wheat and taught rope-making from straw.

Stalls showcased sustainable initiatives, including EcoDewi’s multi-pronged mini city concept and Car y Mor’s community-owned sea farm. Peer learning straw-bale discussion circles fostered knowledge exchange. Discussions covered topics such as healing with local herbs, living sustainably with fewer fossil fuels, and mental well-being.

We extend our gratitude to attendees, speakers, and stallholders for their valuable contributions. Their passion and dedication to building a resilient, carbon-free county continue to inspire us. Stay tuned for future events as we collaborate towards a sustainable future.